Before and After School Care 

Our educators at Oatley OOSHCare are dedicated, skilled and enthusiastic to work with you and your family. With a strong passion for childcare, our educators aim to create a welcoming, fun and safe environment for children aligning with the outcomes of My Time, Our Place.

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Our Team


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​​Bronte Williams - Centre Manager

Daniel Bazley - Nominated Supervisor

Abbey Williamson- Educational Leader, Supervisor​​

Lachlan Barraclough​- Supervisor​​

Sam Walter - Supervisor

Alex Beadon - Educator

Mackenzie Brown - Educator

Lachie McWhirter - Educator 

​Lina Allazze - Educator 

Bianca Thomson - Educator

Blake Thomson - Educator 

​Lissa Kasim - Educator 

​Courtenay Williamson - Educator 

​Hamish Campbell - Educator 

Jack Mcdougall - Educator 

Gage Bridger - Educator 

​Keegan Wicken - Educator