Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our OOSH FAQ about enrolments and Those Pesky Details for more information!   

Step By Step Guide For Enrolment​

Please see below pamphlets for detailed information enrolling through MyFamily lounge for 2018. Please contact the Office Manager (Sharna Cox) if you have any queries on 9570 1142.

Accepting / Declining Offers

2017 Position Offers will be emailed on the 28th October.  

You will need to Log On and accept / decline your offer within a specified time frame. ​If you do not accept / decline it will be automatically declined and offered to the next family on the wait list.

​If you wish to change your days, please do so via your account or contact the centre. 

For Your Information

Position Offers



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Before and After School Care 

Existing families will be provided My Family Lounge Log In details - please do not register again. 

Please ensure all child, parent and authorised persons details are correct.

​​​​Oatley OOSHCARE has a completely online enrolment system with roll over enrolments.

2018 Enrolments


  • Changes to days will open 6:00am Monday 9th October

  • Please log on by the end of October and update all your details 


  • Enrolments for siblings of existing families will open 6:00am Monday 9th October

  • Please log on by the end of October and update all your details

  • Please DO NOT register again - add siblings via your existing account.



  • Enrolments open 6:00am ​Monday 16th October

We will disregard any enrolments/booking requests submitted

before this date and time.

  • If you have used MyFamilyLounge in any child care before - DO NOT register again - you will use the same account. Please contact the centre. 

  • If you have previously attended our Vacation Care but never our Before and After school care - please DO NOT register - contact the Office Manager (Sharna Cox).

  • Attend the Information night for more information and check out the centre

  • Please contact the Office Manager for any problems or specific enquiries - or see the "How To" guide below

Please note that any enrolments received before the specified time and date will be disregarded.