Oatley ooshcare aims to provide healthy food for your children while they attend the centre. 

we take allergies very seriously, so please have a look at the menu and inform staff if your child cannot have any item. 

OOOSH ROOM 1997                               OOOSH ROOM 2007

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Oatley ooshcare aims to employ trained, caring and enthusiatic educators to engage with your child.

Meet the staff of Oatley OOSH.

Our staff

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Before and After School Care 


Oatley OOSHCARE aims to create a program of activities based around the children's interests and choice. 

Therefore, our routine of activities  is a day to day thing.

Each afternoon we run afternoon tea, outdoor activities, indoor activities, craft and monitored technology time.

For a more detailed description of our daily routine - click the link below!

​​Opening hours


​AFTER SCHOOL CARE - 3:00 - 6:00 PM

VACATION CARE - 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

PUPIL FREE DAYS​ 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM 

The office manager will be available on occasion during the day.

Please email any queries.


BEFORE SCHOOL CARE - $18.00 per child

​AFTER SCHOOL CARE - $21.00 per child

CASUAL BEFORE SCHOOL CARE - $26.50 per child

CASUAL AFTER SCHOOL CARE - $26.50 per child


  • Incursion - $60 per child
  • Excursion - $60 per child


Who we are

Oatley Out of School Care Services was founded in 1997 by St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Oatley and Oatley Public School with support from the Lion's Club in Oatley.

It was created to provide a high quality, safe after school care service for kids in Oatley Public School and St. Joseph's Catholic school.

In 2015, Oatley OOSH Care expanded and took on an extra site at the Oatley Community Hall (61 Oatley Avenue). This site allows us to take on an extra 45 spaces for children at St Joseph's and Oatley Public School.

We are now able to offer a total of 135 places making it easier for families to obtain permanent and casual positions.  


It is the belief of Oatley OOSHCare that children are the focus of our community.
Therefore we aim to provide a child-centred service which acknowledges children as active, capable and creative learners. 

Oatley OOSHCare aspires to create an environment where children have ownership and independence, whilst being supported as they become socially responsible and build relationships with others. 

Here at Oatley OOSHCare, our practice is guided by the ‘My Time Our Place’ framework for school aged care. We partner with children and their families to make program decisions and ensure to reflect the framework’s underpinnings throughout our documentation and planning. 

Our educators aim to create a place where children belong to a community; being who they are and becoming who they want to be. 


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